About Batinga And Team (BAT)

​Batinga And Team (BAT) is an organization born out of an innate desire to help people be more productive, thus making their organizations more productive.

We have found through our many years of experience as well as several polls - most notably the Gallup Poll - show that ENGAGED employees - employees enthusiastic about their work and workplace are the minority, about 32%. About 70% are disengaged (50.8%) - do just enough to get by or actively disengaged (17.2%) - disruptive and are actively detrimental to the workplace.
The cost of disengaged or actively disengaged employees are astronomical. On the other hand, the engaged employees are a tremendous asset to the organization and are maximizing possibilities within the organization.

Batinga And Team helps organizations through education (knowledge), training (skill building), coaching (follow-up) and consulting (special projects).